• An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

    "Let no-one ignorant of Geometry enter." -- Plato

    "Never were truer words written if you seek to understand all aspects of physics on all energy scales." -- [ABRAHAM] Tetryonic Theory

    “To my mind there must be, at the bottom of it all, not an equation, but an utterly simple idea. And to me that idea, when we finally discover it, will be so compelling, so inevitable, that we will say to one another, Oh, how beautiful. How could it have been otherwise?” and "Some day a door will surely open and expose the glittering central mechanism of the world in its beauty and simplicity."John Archibald Wheeler

    "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things." -- Rene Descartes

    "Everybody is entitled to their own opinions but Nobody is entitled to their own facts."--Daniel Patrick Moynahan

    "For any physical model to be valid it must demonstrate the known facts."-- ABRAHAM

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    This is the place to take comfort in the fact that we are all a work in progress, and that we should never stop learning.  As we constantly redefine who we are and what we want to be, we often find that others are content with the comfortable nature of their seemingly normal lives.  I am not one of these people.  I recognize that life is a precious gift to be enjoyed, honored, and cherished, and I am attempting to help others to realize this same understanding within their own lives.  This is a place for me to post many of my findings, writings, and approaches to life that have made it all worthwhile.

    Despite the chaos of our world, we can learn to overcome how we react to it, so that we can pursue a more harmonious relationship to all things, all people, and all concepts.  Eventually everyone has something of value to offer, but the problem is that too many are set in their ways, and to be honest most people don't really communicate with one another.  They are too busy attempting to promote their own agendas rather than finding and pursuing the greater unfolding Good.--RB

    "Reality is what everyone is keen to know about. No one wants to be deceived; all are eager for trustworthy information, if it be forthcoming, about both the material and the spiritual worlds, which together seem to constitute the Universe." Sir Oliver Lodge

    This is a wonderful supplement to the source materials found in...

    Principia Geometrica [1] - Quantum Mechanics.pdf

    Tetryonics For Dummies.pdf An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

    Electric field permittivity has a 2pi (rhombic) field geometry while magnetic field permeability is always the result of two separate equilateral magnetic fields that form a magnetic dipole moment.

    Where two or more rhombic electric fields interact a Coulombic –charge force of interaction results.

    Where two or more equilateral magnetic fields interact a Gaussian-Ampere forces of interaction results. [opposite fields attract - same fields repel]...  Read More...


    One of [if not THE] most fundamental properties of physics, it remains elusive to description and explanation in modern physics today.

    Often described simply as the attractive [or repulsive] vector force experienced at a distance between two or more particles of Matter and mathematically formulated in 1785 a complete and satisfactory explanation of the quantum source of and role of Charge in physics remains stubbornly elusive to all who have sought it , until now…  Read More...

  • Bosons vs Photons

    Zero Point Energy [E=hf/2] is the result of Planck and Einstein looking at differing quantum problems concerning light and not realising that the mathematical formulations they devised were not the same [bosons and photons respectively].


  • Abraham Interview - Questions via David Cowles

    10 Questions via David Cowles of http://aletheia.ws/

    My gratitude leads to both David and Abraham as this post would not has been possible without them including me in their discourse.


    (Q1)    Would you accept the characterization (not criticism) that this theory is another attempt to find a realistic and local interpretation of QM?

    A: Of course, but it goes much further than that, by defining quantized angular momentum as an equilateral geometry Tetryonics theory is able to provide a rigid geometric model on which to develop further ideas with respect to physics at the quantum level. Already it has provided me with a rigid model of all subatomic particles and processes that closely matches the standard model as presently accepted (albeit with some rather radical corrections).


  • Tetryonics on Gravity

    Investigations into Gravity

    Gravity is the pure representation of the null energy space inside of each Tetryon. So Matter is the sum total of all the Tetrahedrons that comprise the body in question.  NULL space, meaning absolutely no energy inside the Tetryons ( or a vacuum energy displacement by all Matter Topologies to say it another way ),  seeks to equalize and Matter Topologies are then additive/attractive with respect to one another.

    But there's more going on...the word gravitational is this notion of gravity combined with the simultaneous forces of the KEM fields surrounding bodies of Matter in Motion. The KEM is a secondary field of force that must be considered. [KEM Kinetic-Electro-Magnetic fields] And then we have the radiating field of the sun itself which is all part of our orbital mechanics...


  • Navier Stokes Simplified

    When you have a lecture on Navier Stokes, they immediately explain that in order to solve for NS, you then have to solve for the x,y,z vector directions, you look at the planes, look at mass and Energy conservations, and momentum. Ultimately what you're looking for is which way is the particle or the fluid moving?

    ...with reference to a frictional or pressure gradient, just as Relativity as it went down this track and converted ALL mass and Matter to energy and then described it as a pressure gradient in order to describe gravity as the 'supposedly' - 'bent rubber sheet' of curved space-time...Useful as it allowed us to solve problems and solve things, at the same time it was an explanation without and explanation.

    It gave us a way to get an answer without really understanding what is going on. This is what happened in "Quantum Cosmology" when Abraham rationalized and unified....

    By the time Abraham rationalized, unified and explained Newton and Coulombs similarities, and then how they related to Einsteins field equations, merged the whole lot to give the unified gravitational field, the answer to Navier Stokes was staring him in the face.

    Non-linear simultaneous equations, and field tensors are mathematically complicated...

    What Tetryonics does is give us a model that covers it all-at-once in one image...

    Space, Time, Energy, momentum, mass and Matter.

    This gives us all the forces, everything physical and everything immaterial so in that respect, the one simple basic foundational geometry of Tetryonics can therefor explain this work.

    Rather than focusing upon the differential equations, focus on the picture. An image is worth more than a 1000 math words...its the key.  Read More...

  • Tetryonics Quick Preview

    Tetryonics has many layers of detail not obvious to the first time viewer of the theory, and a quick glance through will not be sufficient with this topic. I know that this thread has many reading that are not participating and for the purpose of serving these readers, I'm happy to highlight a few more of the layers that we can unwrap with the purely geometric approach.

    The grounding is in the geometry. That's all we use, and the mathematics comes about from the geometric relationships themselves. How could we ground ourselves any better? The rigidity of geometry dictates the math...

    "We start at the very basics of physics, which is the Equilateral Triangle and we build everything in the universe from that equilateral triangle. That's all we start with and that's all we use, whereas modern science is built upon our perspective of the universe looking down to the quantum level.

    As we can't see it, we've had to make assumptions, we've done measurements and observations, and worked out the math to give us the same answers as what we observe in these experiments without truly understanding what it was that was occurring at that level.

    That's what Tetryonics does. It fills in that blank. It says, 'Geometrically, this is what's happening! Give us the math, and it will give us the results!'

    Once your brain adjusts with it all, and you become familiar with exactly how these shapes interact and how they look when they flip and rotate, you find that it becomes very quick.

    It's like learning another language. Initially, when you are learning it, you are constantly thinking what you want to say in your original language, and then translating it before you speak. Once you have immersed yourself and learned the second language, you don't tend to do that. You just think and speak in the foreign language. That's what's really going on.

    I do a lot of physics these days and I don't do the math. If I need the math to prove a point to explain it to somebody, I'll do it, but I can get much quicker answers and do much more detailed work just using the geometry. That's where it applies back into teaching this geometry to children at an early stage.

    The quicker you learn it and become familiar with it, the less the established assumptions of modern science will influence you, and the more proficient you will be." -- K.C.A.

    Reality is what everyone is keen to know about. No one wants to be deceived; all are eager for trustworthy information, if it be forthcoming, about both the material and the spiritual worlds, which together seem to constitute the Universe." -- Sir Oliver Lodge

  • Primer Fields Replication

    See also Where Tetryonics and the Primer Fields Meet


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