• Photons

    What is photon?

    Photons are comprised of dual charge bosons that have combined to form a neutral quantum of energy momenta [light].

    A photon's quantum charge geometry is self-similar to the EM wave it creates and it part of, and it propagates at 'c' for the medium it is within.

    Each photon has a quantum magnetic moment which enables to it be polarised and refracted as it passes through fields external to it.

  • Foundations of Mathematics

    Tetryonic theory is a physical theory of how probabilistic distributions of 2D mass-energy momenta interacts via their charged field geometries to form 3D classical Matter and their associated fields of motion and force.

    Any challenger to the accepted theories of ‘modern’ physics must by definition disagree with the accepted theories and offer alternative hypotheses with which it seeks to improve upon or replace the existing theories – this is how we advance our understanding. Sometimes that knowledge comes in small increments or changes, at other times the changes require a profound re-interpretation and understanding of the countless observations and measurements – this was the case when quantum mechanics was born and remained the case as relativity theory strove to advance our understanding – it remains the case today as Tetryonic theory is presented to the World.

  • Dodecyon - Electron

    Courtesy of Rene C.

  • Equilateral Geometry of Energy

    "The content of equilateral Planck quanta within any charged field forms a normal [bell curve] distribution on which the statistical probabilities of QM are based [1,2,3,4...n....4,3,2,1]

    Tetryonics theory reveals these to be discrete finite elements [or quanta] that form transverse Bosons [odd.hv] involved in EM induction, and longitudinal Photons [2n.hv] involved in the transmission of energy momenta.

    Accordingly infinities, while catered for by the exponential, equilateral geometry of the fields themselves remain just a mathematical tool as each field is composed of discrete, finite elements of mass.momenta [Planck quanta], with successive ODD hv quanta integrating to form SQUARED hv scalar energy fields of energy momenta whose physical properties and probability distributions can be measured in terms of their inertial mass [m].

    These distributions are an inherent foundational property of physics at the quantum-scale due to the equilateral Planck quanta that forms mass-ENERGY-Matter and its fields of Force & motion.

    Accordingly, it follows that any change to the known physics of a measured system MUST be afforded to that system through the emission and absorption of discrete, finite odd.hv quantum 'steps' [or bosons] of energy momenta." --KCA

  • Meyer's Voltage Intensifier Circuit





  • Modeling the Charged Quantum Topologies of Sub Atomic Particles

    "NO-one is more blind than those who think they know it all, and there is NO room for improvement in science.

    What is CHARGE, and what role does it play in everyday physics?

    EM charge is the asymmetric distribution of equilateral Planck quanta within electromagnetic fields.

    The polarity of each charged field is determined by the magnetic dipole that forms within the field and its vector direction with respect to the electric field.

    The E&M fields of every Planck quantum [Zero Point Field] contributes to the creation of all the nuclear forces [Weak, Strong and EM] that shape the various geometric fields and Matter topologies found throughout our physical universe, and give rise to Coulomb's law of Attraction, in turn creating motion in our Universe as charges seek equilibrium.

    Nothing screams error more than the 'squared' numbers, 'mass-less' photons and E=mc^2 in the mathematics of physics.

    It is time physisists are taught how to differentiate 2-dimensional mass from 3D Matter and bosons from photons GEOMETRICALLY, before more harm is done to the next generation of scientists." KC  Read More...A
  • Geometry of Planck's Constant

  • Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies

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