Bosons vs Photons

Bosons vs Photons

Zero Point Energy [E=hf/2] is the result of Planck and Einstein looking at differing quantum problems concerning light and not realising that the mathematical formulations they devised were not the same [bosons and photons respectively].

While Planck formulated his results and equation for spectral line bosons [E=n.hv] Einstein formulated his for photons of energy momenta [E=hf] with both terming their quanta as a 'frequency' of quanta...

Using Tetryonic geometry we can now see that the true relationship and formulation for both is n.hv = E = hf

Where bosons are ODD number equilateral quanta and photons are EVEN numbered quanta of mass-energy momenta.

To continue using the same old equations for spectral lines bosons and EM  photons is akin to saying 1 =2  or ODDS equal EVENS.

Tetryonics now reveals Zero Point Energy to be nothing more than a charged boson of mass-energy momenta [a 1/2 wavelength photon], in turn unifying quantum mechanics and special relativity; and that bosons [quantum inductive loops of mass-energy momenta] are the true building blocks of everything in our Universe - energy integers if you like.

Mathematics without geometric grammar produces scientific gibberish.