Energy from the Vacuum

Energy from the Vacuum

Here it is folks! I have not been able to elicit any response from the Bearden camp, so I'm offering this up to all of you courtesy K.C. Abraham of course.

1 pair of coils create M-field – the orthogonal pair tap the E-fields that change creates.
[Imagine the Tetryonic diamond EM field increasing and decreasing as he changes the M-field]
It’s not really free energy – he’s just tapping the E-field energy he’s creating with the M-field changes.
Changing M-fields create changing E-fields – it’s a stationary version of the moving magnet-conductor setup hence the name.
This might get his attention if anyone could get him to see it. hint hint

Note: What we are suggesting is that the Aether is in fact what we need to understand (but Aether from the Tetryonics Perspective to be more precise) See Vacuum Energies and the Aether, and it has never been proven that the Aether does not exist. Bearden and his other team members are quite knowledgeable, however they lack the rigid geometric understanding to properly explain how their devices actually work. 

I've given up on contacting Tom Bearden, but I welcome any of you to pursue him for additional commentary upon how Tetryonics goes a great distance to explain his and Bedini's discoveries.

Paraphrased from the words of:

Lt. Col. Tom Bearden U.S.Army Ret.

The shortage of energy for any emerging country that’s got to have it becomes overwhelming. They have to do whatever is necessary to get it.Unfortunately, the conventional forms of energy, oil/natural gas/coal, are not spread uniformly throughout the world. They occur in various places, and are not always found in stable areas. Someone always has control over the resources, and dictators create conflict to control ownership and group loyalty.

This becomes a great breading ground where the mechanisms that are used for most of our energy today are becoming very small or non-existent in many parts of the world.The question remains, “What are we going to do when the total need for the electrical power industry overshoots the ability to furnish it, particularly with a centralized system? You can only burn so much coal, because there’s a finite amount of it. We do have a lot of coal, but does not burn cleanly. The cleanliness of what we do becomes a big problem, and in scarce places of energy, cleanliness takes a back seat to the necessity at hand. As a result, more people die from an increase in pollution in the air.

Energy is embedded in our society in everything from our health, to the economy, and to the ability to maintain our strength militarily when it keeps us free and safe from being suppressed and overwhelmed. It’s involved in everything, even your average standard of living. We will achieve our highest standard of life as long as we strive for cheap and clean energy.

The energy problem touches every human on this planet, and it decides weather or not we have energy wars that decimate whole cultures, or whether we can, in fact, turn to alternative sources that get the job done cleanly and easily. We need more work in wind mills, solar cells, and all that we can get, but these are still not enough. The only alternative we have is ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM!

When we turn to our scientific community and ask them what can be done about these energy concerns, they will tell us that the only alternative we have are the same sources we are all familiar with.More of the same simply doesn’t cut it any more. Oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power are the main solutions today, but the usual discussion on wind, hydro-electric, solar, and all the rest is still a worthwhile pursuit, although we would be in good measure to maintain a 15 to 20% contribution from these known alternatives. This helps around the edges, but is little help in addressing the global concerns coming our way and happening before our very eyes.

This is what we’re facing. This leads us to the large centralized power system. The terrorist threat can lay it down any time it wishes to, and we can turn around one day and recognize that the very things we’ve implemented to supply ourselves with energy goes right out the window and right down the tube. So were caught between a rock in a hard place where we’re damned if we do and we're damned if we don’t. There has to be an alternative.

This alternative must come from our scientific community. We have to take a close look at the many assumptions our mainstream scientists based their current models. Today’s model is over a hundred years old, and still assumes a material ether because it still assumes a force field in space. There’s no such thing, and our science has known this for decades. It still assumes that the vacuum (empty space) is inert, but since 1930, particle physics has declared that idea false. And since that time, physics maintains that the vacuum contains the largest energy reservoir in the universe. Physics proved that, however no one has ever changed the model.