Explaining Time

Explaining Time

TIME in physics - is nothing more than a measure of the changing QAM [quantised angular momenta] geometries of all the Planck quanta that make up any physical system in any given spatial co-ordinate system.

d.QAM/c^2 = d.[m^2/s]/[s^2/m^2] = d.s = TIME

Space-time is a scientific non-sequitur, a mathematical abstraction created to explain relativistic motions and gravitation accelerations.

Space [any spatial co-ordinate system] is separate from Time [d.seconds] in physics which is revealed to be a measure of the changing Planck quanta geometries in any spatial region of measurement.

TIME = [d.QAM/c^2] = d.[m^2/s]*[s^2/m^2] = d.[seconds]

Neither is Quantised Angular Momenta a vector rotation about a point as has been assumed in modern physics - it is in fact a scalar measure of equilateral Planck geometries per second [m^2/s]

In turn revealing CHARGE to be a measure of quantum scale inductive [inertial] mass.seconds - distinct from the causal [entropic] arrow of time as measured and observed on the macro-scale.

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