Foundations of Mathematics

Foundations of Mathematics

Tetryonic theory is a physical theory of how probabilistic distributions of 2D mass-energy momenta interacts via their charged field geometries to form 3D classical Matter and their associated fields of motion and force.

Any challenger to the accepted theories of ‘modern’ physics must by definition disagree with the accepted theories and offer alternative hypotheses with which it seeks to improve upon or replace the existing theories – this is how we advance our understanding. Sometimes that knowledge comes in small increments or changes, at other times the changes require a profound re-interpretation and understanding of the countless observations and measurements – this was the case when quantum mechanics was born and remained the case as relativity theory strove to advance our understanding – it remains the case today as Tetryonic theory is presented to the World.


If Math is the language of Physics, then Geometry is the Grammar the Math must follow.

So the next item that comes to my mind would be, show me the geometry, and what you

mean exactly?

Tetryonics reveals that Square Numbers are Equilateral Geometries and ever since Greek

times, Square Numbers have been incorrectly identified with Square Geometries. Wayne

Roberts Scale Structure Theory would agree on this point.

"The Pythagorean equation is at the core of much of geometry, it links geometry with algebra, and is the foundation of trigonometry. Without it, accurate surveying, mapmaking, and navigation would be impossible, but its application to the energy-momenta geometries of Electromagnetic fields and Matter in motion in Physics is erroneous and must be corrected for science to advance."--Abraham