Tetryonic Theory

Tetryonic Theory

What is Tetryonics?

Tetryonic theory is a fully relativistic quantum theory of mass-Energy-Matter and its forces of motion that unifies Classical, quantum and relativistic mechanics through Planck geometries.

How does it differ from accepted theory?

Tetryonic Theory provides a quantitative model of modern physics developed from practical mechanical and electrical engineering principles that provides new insights into the source and role of charge in particle physics.

It extends from the creation of sub-atomic particles and fields of quantum theory and their relativistic motions into the cosmological scale of stars and galaxies.

 It builds on the single postulate that quantised angular momenta is in fact a measure of the equilateral geometry of Planck's constant and that the 'square' number energy levels found in quantum theory are in fact scalar energy geometries.

How does it apply?

Tetryonics provides a number of corrections to the foundational assumptions underpinning modern theory and facilitates the creation of an accurate bottom-up engineered model of the mechanics of  nature on all scales. 

It offers new insights into the development of a coherent unified model of QM, QED, Chemistry, Biology, and Cosmology and facilitates the application of new foundational geometric insights into the mathematics of modern physics. 

Tetryonic Theory corrects the assumption errors of math that have crept in the explanation of physics over the past 4 centuries leading to the present day impasses of theory. 

Its applications and explanations extend from foundational quantum mechanics to electrical theory, chemistry, and cosmology alike, leading to the first coherent geometric unification of the sciences. 

The unified relativistic quantum theory of mass-ENERGY-Matter and its forces of motion explaining the current mysteries of the modern physics. 


The foundational priori postulate on which Tetryonics is built upon is that quantised angular momenta of Planck's constant [m^2/s] is in fact an equilateral [triangular] geometry not 'a squared' geometry as the math and texts suggest....

Using this single postulate many, many new discoveries and corrections can be made and modelled wrt modern theory

The eBooks contain numerous corrections to modern science assumptions and document a number of possible tests .....


Tetryons [Matter quanta] hiding in the existing accelerator experimental data and mistaken for electrons or strange quarks on the basis of their identical mass-charge ratios...

The charge topologies of SM fields and Fermions themselves as well as the charge topology of all 120 periodic elements...


A geometric explanation of electricity and electrical energy differentiating between charge and current and a corrected energy model for Rydberg's formula for Hydrogen and its extension to account for the spectral emissions of every periodic element as well as wave-particle diffraction experiments.


A new periodic table based on these charged topologies that builds on the source and role of charge in physics to correct current models of fission and fusion and to marry Bohr orbitals and Schrodinger quantum numbers into a single 3D model of all elements [negative the spherical model and excess neutrons in the process]


A geometric explanation and model of universal gravitation that not only accounts for the similarity between Newton's formulation for Gravity and Coulomb's formula for charge interaction but also explains gravitation on all energy scales [classical, quantum and relativistic]


AND most importantly using the corrections provided by equilateral Planck geometries a unified field equation for all of the above that reveals the 'hidden' geometric constant within Planck's constant that allows mass to be differentiated from Matter in order to reveal the quantum geometries and topologies of energy on all scales in our Universe.... and to unify classical, quantum and relativistic mechanics into a single coherent theory....

And many minor geometric correction to the erroneous false assumptions of mathematics regarding the underlying geometry that produces the mathematics we use to model physics in all these fields

Of course these are just dot points of all the major discoveries in my eBooks and do not even cover the new technologies that I am working on presently that arise directly from Tetryonic theory, which in due course will be released publicly.

with time and effort I am sure you'll come to see the errors of our ways and and gain the enlightenment we all seek...