Tetryonics Quick Preview

Tetryonics Quick Preview

Tetryonics has many layers of detail not obvious to the first time viewer of the theory, and a quick glance through will not be sufficient with this topic. I know that this thread has many reading that are not participating and for the purpose of serving these readers, I'm happy to highlight a few more of the layers that we can unwrap with the purely geometric approach.

The grounding is in the geometry. That's all we use, and the mathematics comes about from the geometric relationships themselves. How could we ground ourselves any better? The rigidity of geometry dictates the math...

"We start at the very basics of physics, which is the Equilateral Triangle and we build everything in the universe from that equilateral triangle. That's all we start with and that's all we use, whereas modern science is built upon our perspective of the universe looking down to the quantum level.

As we can't see it, we've had to make assumptions, we've done measurements and observations, and worked out the math to give us the same answers as what we observe in these experiments without truly understanding what it was that was occurring at that level.

That's what Tetryonics does. It fills in that blank. It says, 'Geometrically, this is what's happening! Give us the math, and it will give us the results!'

Once your brain adjusts with it all, and you become familiar with exactly how these shapes interact and how they look when they flip and rotate, you find that it becomes very quick.

It's like learning another language. Initially, when you are learning it, you are constantly thinking what you want to say in your original language, and then translating it before you speak. Once you have immersed yourself and learned the second language, you don't tend to do that. You just think and speak in the foreign language. That's what's really going on.

I do a lot of physics these days and I don't do the math. If I need the math to prove a point to explain it to somebody, I'll do it, but I can get much quicker answers and do much more detailed work just using the geometry. That's where it applies back into teaching this geometry to children at an early stage.

The quicker you learn it and become familiar with it, the less the established assumptions of modern science will influence you, and the more proficient you will be." -- K.C.A.

Reality is what everyone is keen to know about. No one wants to be deceived; all are eager for trustworthy information, if it be forthcoming, about both the material and the spiritual worlds, which together seem to constitute the Universe." -- Sir Oliver Lodge

The mathematical exploration of quantum mechanics is hopelessly lost without a rigid definable geometry to guide it. It leads to all sorts of outcomes such as multi-dimensions, black holes, no distinction between mass & Matter etc...

A lot of time was taken up correcting small [but important] 'errors' arising from geometry-less maths. [Maths may the language - but geometry is the Canvas surface on which it is written].

Equilateral Geometry is the foundation of Relativistic Math.

In Tetryonic theory, the circles around Planck triangles are the region of space mapped out by light per unit of time [ie in 1 sec light radiates in 2 directions at c to form a circle with a radius of c, a circumference of pi [2c] and an area of pi[c^2].

You'll find lots of units like c^2, c^3 and c^4 within the maths of physics - only Tetryonic theory reveals what these terms really are [spatial coordinate systems based on the speed of light]

These c^2 [Euclidean], c^3 [Cartesian] and c^4 spherical coordinate systems based on the speed of light are used to geometrically differentiate planar ENERGIES from 2d mass and from 3D Matter in physics, clearing up much of the confusion of the existing mathematics.

ENERGY quanta are a Planck triangle without a circular spatial coordinate surrounding it.

2d MASS is Energy per light second [E/c^2], a triangle with a circle.

3D MATTER is shown as a tetrahedral form of Energy per light second squared [E/c^4].

Just one of the major scientific breakthroughs revealed via Tetryonics is that all Baryon topologies have identical quantum mass-energies [but differing nett elementary charges] thus correcting almost a century of atomic and chemical theory and providing the means to unify Bohr shell/orbitals with Schrodinger quantum numbers to produce the first accurate model of all 120 periodic elements. Tetryonics shows the exquisite detail of the charged Matter topology of all 120 elements showing their energy levels [shells], and position of all electrons [and their spin]  - showing how classical Bohr information and Schrodinger numbers 'line' up.

Tetryonic Chemistry offers a new periodic table overthrowing Dmitri Mendeleev's version. Quantum Chemistry offers a detailed schematic for the elements with all their quantum information shown and related to the quantum Matter topologies of the elements, quantum energies, and shells. For the first time ever, this new periodic table actually reflects quantum reality.

We are ushering in an Alchemical Renaissance and although there's really no way to know how or when that will manifest in the world around us in the years to come, the information we are are bringing to light absolutely flies in the face of conventional wisdom and a peer review process is simply a cat and mouse game between the good ol' boys who have their own theoretic models to uphold and defend.

Who among you would be so willing to admit that your life's work could turn to dust overnight and who among you would be open minded to a new theoretical approach to knowledge should the information show up on your desk tomorrow morning?

I venture to say not many. A few thousand emails to mainstream academia sends them straight into the cognitive dissonance that. I've spent 30 months looking at this day in and day out, asking others to take a closer look and seeking to find an 'authoritative' figure in the field to comment. Crickets in return, and no substantial evidence has been brought to my attention in this time that would have me turn away from the Tetryonics explanation of things.

Mostly crickets in return, save a handful of faithful servants of the truth.

Those keen to study Tetryonics are those that have fallen prey to the system of education and erroneous models, but with only a small handful of independent researchers, I am confident that we can accelerate past the rest at light speed.

We can show where the text books are currently wrong, we can correct the underlying errors, assumptions, and mis-interpretations of the current quantum theories in the space, all while reducing the complexity of mathematics down to the simplicity of geometry.

It that doesn't sound like progress, then let's be honest with ourselves, and suggest that perhaps you are not even looking or seeking for the truth to begin with. I've been at this study of physics for about 30 years, and have piled up a large debt attempting to jump through the hoops of university academia, and I've found a free eduction in Tetryonics, that from any angle is an improvement on the current formulations and explanations of physics.

I'm not here to spoil your fun thinking about multiple dimensions, time travel, worm holes, and entangled particles across vast galactic distances, or ruin the mystery, but there is a certain component of this Theory that does in fact remove the mysterious, and helps those with ears to hear, to plant their wisdom in a foundational understanding that is self referential, consistent and that harmoniously unifies the science of our past, thus providing fertile ground to stand and move our civilization towards uncharted waters.

The two benefits of our technology will be the controlled release of mass-energy from Matter, and the safe long term storage of energy as mass in inductive topologies.

We have made great strides in advancing our understanding of the electrical sciences over the past century since these words were written, we have delved deep into the very structure of Matter itself only to find that at the core of our understanding lie roadblocks that stymie our progress in the quest for sustainable sources of energy that mirror the simplistic process found in nature.

At the heart of our current problems in understanding the physics of Nature is our ability to define and differentiate between mass & Matter, even Energy itself on a geometric basis. Until we are able to do so our attempts to mathematical model the process at work on all scales of physics will remain hopelessly abstract and filled with assumptive errors of math born from a top-down approach attempting to understand the physics of immaterial fields and material particles.

A new bottom-up approach has been devised wherein the charged geometry of Planck energy momenta itself resolves the current mathematical impasses into elegant geometric solutions reflective of the true quantum nature and mechanics of energy on all scales of physics.

With these charged 2d planar geometries and 3D topologies we can at last ‘see’ the immaterial quantum world of mass-energies and model in exquisite detail all the field interactions that take place unseen to us and that give rise to nuclear Forces and fields of physical interaction.

The quantised angular momenta [QAM] of Planck’s constant is revealed to be nothing more than a reflection of the planar equilateral geometry inherent to energy momenta at the quantum level, a property that gives rise to new definitions of 2d mass-energy geometries and 3D Matter Topologies; allowing for visual and tactile manipulation of Energy and particles to be conducted for the first time in history.

We can model the formation of particles of Matter from fields of energy momenta and see how charged topologies interact with each other via interactive fields of Force, in turn leading us to new insights into the true nature of physics and a rapidly advancing understanding of the true mechanics of the Universe hinted to us by Tesla and dreamt of by so many ever since.

With an advanced understanding of quantum fields and particle dynamics comes new insights into the charged topology of elements themselves and finally a completely new picture of the forces and processes at work in Stars.

The ‘fusion’ of elements in stars is shown to be no longer the process by which stars liberate energy at their cores. Just as Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements can now be replaced by a far more accurate table modeled on the quantum charge topology of each and every element with its associated quantum numbers and electron configurations, the process by which stars convert Matter into radiant mass-energies can be finally revealed through Tetryonic theory leading us to grasp the physical mechanics at work in the stars and put this knowledge to work for us here on Earth.

QAM = Quantised Angular Momenta [m^2/s]

QAM, which is often mistakenly described as spin, flux, curl in physics and electrical engineering, when it is in fact the equilateral geometry of energy itself, ie Planck's constant [h] = kg.m^2/s  = mass.QAM = mass.OMEGA

It is the hitherto 'hidden' foundation geometry that creates everything in our Universe - mass-ENERGY-Matter and the Forces of motion and interaction on all scales.

My hope, as an independent researcher, is to bring together facets of a changing world so that we may pass through the doorways of discovery with the least amount of turbulence.

Growing pains can be awful, but once we are through that phase, a breath of fresh air and opportunity for real and lasting understanding can take hold across the planet.

A Paradigm is a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them. Not everyone shares them where mainstream physics is concerned.

I would agree that a paradigm shift of unlikely proportions is upon us, and I whole heartedly disagree that "the ground moves slowly."

What I'm finding is that there are a group of people moving and advancing our understanding at such a rapid pace, it's unprecedented how quickly things are happening now.

Most of us don’t even know the transition has been made, or that the corner has been turned. I believe that it has.

It is up to us as individuals in all our fields of endeavor to break free of the chains of education, and to use our intelligence to create a better understanding of our Universe.

Geometry rules our Universe not math.

While mathematics is the language of science it remains a language that lacks a well defined physical model on which to test it and further its many and varied solutions to quantum mechanics. it is this lack of any rigid, enforceable geometry [grammar] that has allowed the flourishing of numerous statistical and probabilistic solutions to the physical problems in turn impending our scientific advancement of quantum processes.

Tetryonics offers the world a gift, but so many 'experts' in the field won't even spend 3 minutes with the material before passing judgement, and we all wonder why process is so painstakingly slow.  It's heartbreaking in all actuality. Do we want answers, or not?

Humanity has shifted, and all I'm doing is trying to share knowledge. Tetryonics has nothing to sell, only wisdom to share. The lips of wisdom are now closed, except to the ears of Understanding.