Tetryonics Shines New Light

Tetryonics Shines New Light

"Many scientists find it hard to believe that the investigators who constructed the currently accepted theories could have made so many mistakes. It should be emphasized, therefore, that the profusion of conflicts between present-day ideas and our findings does not indicate that the previous investigators have made a multitude of errors. What has happened is that they have made a few serious errors that have had a multitude of consequences."--K.C.ABRAHAM

Why do I study Tetryonics? To put it simply, I've been on a journey of discovery since about the age of 4. I have an innate curiosity about the world around me, and almost nothing can quench my thirst for a tangible expression of the forces that guide our lives. Tetryonic Theory offers humanity enormous potential for the advancement of physics and technology across the board. Tetryonics originates outside the domain of mainstream science and is therefor immediately dismissed as a valid approach by even the most intelligent people around. This is not about how smart you are, but rather how well you are able to assimilate a new approach into your everyday awareness. It's about setting aside long held notions about our universe, while being open to a more holistic understanding that trumps that of the mainstream preaching.

"If modern science cannot explain the very basics concepts of physics what hope is there that the most advanced explanations of the mechanics of our Universe is right?" -- K.C.ABRAHAM

In my opinion, it's the very science that C.E.R.N. promotes which is the pseudoscience. They are all doing it wrong, and let me tell you why. Not only are they waisting massive amounts of dollars to peddle their own dogma, but by adding more and more energies into the system, they are adding an unnecessary layer of confusion to their test results. Increasing energy levels is NOT the answer to revealing the subtle secretes of the quantum world. Additionally, increasing the Kinetic energies of collision particles only serves to increase the mass-Energies of the ejecta.

Tetryonics is a fully relativistic unified theory of electromagnetic mass-ENERGY, Matter, and motion, in which the classical properties of inertial mass and quantum mechanical quantised energy momenta are explained as being a direct result of the geometric properties of inductive equilateral energies moving through external electromagnetic fields. These charge geometries show the weak force to be a magnetic dipole [edge] interaction between mass energy geometries and Matter topologies and the strong force to be a charge [fascia] interaction between Matter topologies themselves.

The key to understanding the mechanics of the quantum and uniting it with the dynamics of the Cosmos is through the use of equilateral charged energy geometries. Deep within the data of these collider experiments, the tetryon of Matter is hidden away. We can declare the search for the Higgs boson to be over.

Independently and almost simultaneously in 1964, three groups of physicists proposed the Higgs Mechanism through which the inertial mass properties of Matter are created: Francois Englert and Robert Brout: by Peter Higgs (inspired by the ideas of Philip Anderson); and by Gerald Guralnik, C.R. Hagen and Tom Kibble. The Higgs mechanism was incorporated into modern particle physics by Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam, and is an essential part of the standard model.

As the Universe cooled and the temperature fell below a critical value, an invisible force field called the 'Higgs Field' was formed together with the associated 'Higgs Boson.' The Higgs mechanism is a process by which vector bosons can obtain mass.

The Higgs Field is another name for the Aether, or vacuum energy field that fills free Space. It's interaction with inductive Tetryonic topologies create the inertial properties observed in mass-Matter.

The Higgs boson can also be considered another name for the 2-dimensional charged mass-energy fascia of all Matter, whose inductive (Quantised Angular Momentum) quanta create the physics property of inertial mass. Inertial mass is a measure of a body's resistance to changes in acceleration due to external forces. Resistance to motion of charged fascia through vacuum energy fields creates inertial mass.

All charged fascia [Higgs bosons] are comprised of squared numbers of equilateral Planck quanta within a larger equilateral geometry. The equilateral Quantised Angular Momentum of inductive Planck mass energy geometries within squared [Higgs] Fascia of Matter Topologies is what creates inertial properties of Matter at the quantum level.

One day soon, the value and validity of Tetryonics will rise to the surface. Demonstrations are already underway, and I can't wait to watch some of these mainstream physicists squirm in their seats. They will be kicking themselves for not remaining as children in their curiosities toward their studies. Rather, they will begin to see the error of their ways, in adopting a cut and paste mentality, only paying lip service to the understanding of those that went before.

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." -- Isaac Newton

It is essential that we retrace our steps in order to advance our notions of mass-Energy-Matter. With the implications becoming more and more obvious by the day, I would like to encourage you to move from a mode of extreme skepticism to one of extreme open mindedness. Tetryonics offers a logical progression that anyone can follow, but not everyone can immediately clue into it with a single five minute viewing. It has taken me two full years to even begin to approach this understanding, and I still have thousands of questions and decades of research ahead of me.

I like to call this a billion dollar education because Tetryonics offers a quantum model that not even the most advanced laboratories have been able to identify. C.E.R.N. is laughable, and even if given the opportunity to join their ranks, I wouldn't consider it. I'm walking my own path, and with the insight afforded via Tetryonics, I am more confident than ever that I can progress my knowledge of all systems one day at a time. It takes a diligence of a different variety, however I'm up for this challenge. Are you?

I love how people go straight away to the pseudoscience claim, while not holding their own preferred models up to the same scrutiny. Those that are so willing to call Tetryonics anything other than incredibly consistent, informative, and applicable to modern day observations, can move on to the real pseudoscience that the entire planet is enamored with. If you haven't yet taken a look at the logical progressions Abraham has outlined, and you have not been able to suspend you skepticism, the monumental leap afforded humanity through the Tetryonic perspective will likely remain an ever elusive realization for you.

With that being said, one can step through Tetryonics one page at a time until the ideas sink in a bit. Once they do, you might just have to pull your own foot from your mouth and admit that your knee jerk reactions were just you being a jerk. That's fine, as jerks abound these days. I'm here for educational purposes however, and rather than move toward an argumentative agenda I am willing to help those who truly are looking at this model for what it offers.

If you lack the ability to re-wire your brain a bit, then you're probably better off watching Brian Green videos on youtube, rather than looking at Tetryonics. T-Theory may not be something you can approach. If you are into "black holes, multiverses, string theory, virtual particles, fusion based atomic models, and spherical point charges" you are not on the path to truth. Pure mathematics alone is not sufficient to move us toward greater understanding where these things are concerned.

T-Theory is going to provide me years and years of worthy study to come. What Abraham has discovered is something no one else has yet to identify. If you still don't know what that is, then I can tell that you have not given T-theory an honest look. Let me lend you some assistance, free of charge I might add.

Abraham would say, "If Maths is the language of Physics, equilateral Planck geometry is its grammar."

What is being suggested here is that math can represent a great many things, however without the proper knowledge of the "Grammar" that math must use, our scientific community and mathematicians are not always able to put the math into the proper perspective. This is how strange ideas and abstract concepts end up being part of mainstream science. We are beginning the process of the unveiling, but it is going to take some time. Things like Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle, multiple dimensions, and String Theory have all been abstracted from our erroneous understanding of math.

Without differentiating between the mass-Energies of the Matter Topology, and that of the secondary Kinetic Electromagnet Fields resulting from Matter in motion, we are standing face to face with a dead end in physics. Abraham resolves these quandaries in short order. Tetryonics makes this distinction, and in an eloquent approach, opens a new doorway of discovery for the independent researcher.

Tetryonics, for the first time in history, makes a proper distinction between mass and Matter. It uses a single underlying premise to put our knowledge into the correct perspective. If you are looking for an intuitive way to understand these topics then you have an opportunity to dig deeper as you see fit. The investigation will help you to discern what is real and what is not, what is B.S. and what is not.

It's simply up to you to look at this with an open mind. There are many who can take the mainstream scientific community seriously, but completely lack that same ability when something new and challenging comes to the forefront. It's natural to be skeptical, that's why I've dedicated my self to finding out if Tetryonics is a valid approach to knowledge, and I have found that it is. These new discoveries undermine the entire mainstream understanding, and is therefor a threat to those in control of scientific advancement at large.

If you're happy with modern theory and it's current explanation of the mechanics of our universe, then stick to them, and let's see how far down the rabbit hole you can go. All I can say is that you are likely to be light years behind if you spend much more precious time with those other pseudosciences. I don't have that much time to waist, and feel Tetryonics has offered me a fast track understanding that we liken to a Hubble telescope of the microcosmic universe.

I'm not even close to a genius, yet many high intellectuals have crumbled under the weight that Tetryonics offers. It will bowl you over, slap you up side your head, and knock you straight out if you're not ready for it. I call it a zoom zoom for your IQ. Who doesn't want that?

I have found mainstream science to be a conspiracy of control and half-truths. Science progresses one funeral at a time. New ideas are eventually assimilated, but we are challenging your skepticism. We hope that you can suspend your disbelief for just a moment, and all your questions are welcome. I try my best make myself available to those interested in Tetryonics, and I would be happy to point you all in the right direction. I must note, that I am not the expert here, but a student working each and every day to bring about a new awareness of the quantum processes that guide the mechanics of the universe.

I seek nothing short of an explanation of the mysteries of the universe. Having found them, an entirely new life study has been given to you and I. It's here in the world today. It's there for you to gaze upon and ponder, and it's here to stay. What we as a society decide to do with it will be our most challenging endeavor for any new technology can just as easily be used for evil as it can be for good. Are we going to exploit this knowledge to quicken the pace of the destruction of the planet, or are enough people going to embrace a new Atlantis, bringing a new Earth into manifestation in the here and now?

Side note: The "dark" side is so appealing for one very simply reason. It's much easier to add chaos, destruction and confusion into any situation, whereas creating harmony, cooperation, and enlightenment, requires a great deal more effort than the former. Consider the following.

An artist spends 60 hours creating a great piece of work, when his five year old son walks into the room with his own markers, and in less than a minute, ruins the art of his father. A false sense of power and authority over his environment will come over the child's understanding because he realizes how much control his destructive desires were able to manipulate the situation, not failing to mention the emotions of this father as well. Not realizing the effort required to bring the piece of art to life, yet quickly finding out how invested his father's emotions are about the entire ordeal, the five year old begins to grasp how to manipulate his environment through these types of behaviors. A very rough example, but I think you get the point I'm making in that it's easier to destroy than to create. 

The path of creation, as opposed to destruction, is a finer balancing act of manifestation across the board. It requires a thoughtful response to ones environment, acknowledging the gifts others have to offer and a willingness to cooperate across the lines of opinions, persuasions, and illusions that we all build up between ourselves and the outside world.

When a team of collaborators can hone in on this balance and bring something new to life, there you have a situation where others will seek to swoop in to create a whirlwind of obstacles to destroy the progress. We must be ever vigilant in our quest to document our findings, our experiences and our aims as to avoid a swift suppression of these enlightening theories and perspectives.

"There is significant evidence that scientists since Tesla have known about this energy, but that its existence and potential use has been discouraged and indeed suppressed over the past half century or more." – Dr. Theodor C. Loder III

Tetryonics itself has 3 main laws. 

1) Energy itself is equilateral.

The 1st Law highlights that Energy itself has an inherent equilateral geometry, [the result of its quantised angular momenta].

2) The law of interaction and all energy in what ever form it is will seek equilibrium.

The 2nd Law states that ENERGY in all its forms [charge, mass, or Matter] seeks equilibrium.

3) Once the system is in motion and it's seeking equilibrium, it will continue indefinitely as it cycles through it's various forms backwards and forwards.
The 3rd Law of Tetryonics just simply highlights that our Universe [and all the physics of mass-ENERGY-Matter in motion] is made up of finite, deterministic eq. Planck quanta.

As a result the appearance of ‘infinity’ in ANY equation of physics must not be taken seriously as it is simply a mathematical way of saying ‘we don’t really know the precise number here but it is big]…. As a result equations in QED etc. must be re-normalised [i.e. have their infinities cancelled out by introducing negative infinities that were never in [or resulted from] the equations to begin with, in order to make sense of the work and GR leads to infinite energy densities at point singularities causing its equations to fail when trying to look a t quantum processes – thus introducing Black holes etc.]

Clearly, mathematical nonsense of this sort has to stop and any unified theory of mass-energy-Matter changing in space over time that covers and unifies QM, QED, Chemistry and Cosmology on all scales of physics using finite, deterministic quanta should NOT have infinities anywhere in them… AT ALL.

Eternity however is a subtly different beast entirely, it describes a never-ending, changing, dynamic system over time and this accurately models our physical Universe where ENERGY in all its forms and expressions is in constant, endless motion as it seeks a state of equilibrium between gravitational Matter and radiant mass-energy momenta.

Tetryonics is a new quantum theory of mass-energy Matter, stemming from a radical reinterpretation of what 'square' numbers are in physics and their application to Quantized Angular Momentum (QAM). It can now be shown through the geometry that the QAM of Planck’s constant is in fact the result of its quantized Equilateral Triangular Geometry, not a vector rotation about a point.

For further reference concerning the Tessellation of Equilateral Geometries, I recommend looking at Wayne Roberts Scale Structure Theory. He connects these idea up in a purely mathematical way, and goes a long way to showing that Tetryonics is in fact headed in the right direction.



The equilateral geometry itself gives rise to the physical properties of charge, electrical permittivity, magnetic permeability and the rigid physical relationships between inertial mass-energy and moment in physical systems at the quantum level. Charge(QAM/C2) ,in addition to its role as the geometric source of physical properties, also provides the quantum framework for radiant 2D mass-energies to become 3D standing waves Matter geometries facilitating the development of large scale physical systems of atoms, compounds, stars and galaxies throughout our universe.

Hitherto unexplained and mysterious properties of quantum mechanics are now revealed as having their origin in the geometry of Planck’s constant itself.